May 17, 2005

Queen's speech stresses respect and reform

And of course the destruction of civil liberties, but you wouldn't expect Labour loving Guardian to say thatThe bills set to return are ID cards and religious hatred bills, so the Tyrant Blair continues his quest to destroy liberty, and yet more anti-terrorism bills. There are new powers that allow headmasters to search pupils for knives in school, something that should never have been stopped. If a pupil has a weapon, as I don't think that we are talking about craft knives here, the teachers should be able to take it off of them.

The speach says that the government was committed to "fostering a culture of respect", perhaps that could start with a respect that people actually knw how to lead their lives without being micromanaged from 10 Downing street. Speaking of which there are to be bills to reform the NHS to deal with MRSA. Is that really something for Parliment? Surely it would be better to give back the Nurses some power to enforce hygene, and maybe the hospital managers to deal with shoddy cleaners. But no, despite that being a simple cheap solution that might actually work that gives power back to indiviuals from Government, and so will never be dreamed of under New Labour.


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